The Municipal Formation Armavir City offers to implement an investment project in the field of road industry

The Municipal Formation Armavir City searches for investors to implement a project on constructing a mechanical engineering plant for manufacturing road machinery and ice-melting mixtures.

The project assumes the construction of a modern plant for manufacturing ice-melting mixtures and road machinery: combined road machines, loaders, asphalt pavement levelers and rollers, which are designed for year-round use of roads with a hard surface.

In the summer months, the machines are used with flusher equipment for washing and watering road surfaces, washing a flumed aqueduct and watering green planting areas. And in the winter months, the machines are used to spread sand, sprinkle surfaces of sidewalks and roads with inert or ice-melting materials, and to clean roads from freshly fallen snow.

The project has obvious competitive advantages: combined road machines are environmentally friendly, easy-to-work and can be operated at any season, with weather from -20°C to +40°C. The planned design capacity is as follows: 500 units of road machinery per year, and 500 tons of ice-melting materials per year.

Enterprises of housing and utility and companies operating in the road sector are potential consumers of the plant’s products.

A business plan was developed for the investment project. The project needs 815 million rubles in the form of direct investments.

The project implementation period is 1 year, and the return on investment period is 2.5 years. The construction of the facility will allow to create 250 new jobs.

A land plot of 43,975 sq. m. was formed to implement the project. The site is located in Armavir city (Northern industrial zone). There is a local road, access road of Armavir city (1.2 km), there. The distance to the federal highway M-29 "Kavkaz" is 6 km.

The distance from the regional center of Krasnodar city is 250 km.

The distance to the nearest railway station of Armavir-2 is 3.2 km, to the Krasnodar Airport is 200 km, and to the seaport of Novorossiysk is 360 km.

Administration of the Municipal Formation Armavir City

Karl Liebnecht Street, 52, Armavir City, Krasnodar region, 352900

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