Not in every city there is an enterprise conducting its business in partnership ... with the sun itself.

And in our city there is such a thing - LLC УArmavir bicycle richemobile factoryФ.
Х A large assortment of unusual equipment is manufactured in its workshops: four-seater cycle cars, cycle rickshaws, electric cars, and also bicycle refrigerators, etc. - up to 27 models ... The scope of this equipment is very extensive - for various purposes. So, for business, itТs a bicycle café, a bicycle taxi, a bicycle bar ... This is the use of a rickshaw for advertising, transportation of various goods, for mobile trading, walking bicycle carts - for relaxation, etc. When the sun shines, it all works from its energy (when installing solar cells ), and when it is not there, you can use the pedals.
The company is the only one in Russia that produces solar products not occasionally, but in series. The geography of its deliveries abroad is also extensive: to Finland, Israel, Turkey, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia ... Each working year for AVMZ LLC is another step in development and achievements. The founder of the enterprise and its general director, Ilya Vladimirovich Bezruchkin, is an inventor, a talented, technically competent specialist, a visionary leader ...

Х According to Ilya Vladimirovich, the development of solar energy in our southern regions has recently intensified. So, in October, a huge solar power plant was launched in the Stavropol Territory, which is already operational. There are more requests for cycle rickshaws with solar models for autonomous operation, since they do not require additional infrastructure. And it is also important for the development of alternative energy, so that there are more professionals, specialists promoting this business. And AVMZ LLC understands this.