KubanТs industrial accomplishments were showcased at the Russia Global Expo and Conference

The presentation took place as part of the «Day of Industry» held today in Moscow at the All-Russian Exhibition Center.

«Our region has established a robust system of both monetary and non-monetary methods to support the industrial sector. Stimulating industries over the past 8 years has more than doubled the volume of shipments of domestically manufactured industrial products. The tax revenue from manufacturers to the regional budget nearly tripled, and the investment in fixed assets increased by three and a half times», during the presentation at the booth, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy of the region Mikhail Dorozhkov said.

He also mentioned that the industry’s rapid growth was made possible, in part, by the proactive business initiatives of manufacturers. Most of the support measures were created in collaboration with them.

Sergey Boiko, the manager of the Kuban steel structures plant, shared with the visitors how the car manufacturing industry was revived in Kuban. The enterprise was launched using the production facilities of the bankrupt plant. Today, the company has established full-cycle production, manufactured over 500 freight cars, and plans to create an industrial park.

Pavel Galitsky, Executive Director of the Technology Scientific and Engineering Center, told about the development of a new industry for the region — radio electronics. This company is a leader in producing IP video cameras in the region, providing a competitive option to foreign brands in the local market. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has officially included them in the register of Russian radioelectronic products.