Krasnodar "Magnit" invests into the establishment of a distributor

According to the mass media, JSC «Magnit» plans to establish a distributor with the branches spread across the country regions. In particular, the wholesale development would enable the retailer to gain additional profit in 6 billion rubles and as a result, the annual revenue of the chain would increase up to 150 billion rubles.

The company’s plans are to expand a customer base due to the regional retailer, independent retails, fairs, markets up to 13.7 thousand companies. Since the beginning of this year, «Magnit» has studied the market and generated an assortment portfolio. Among the priority areas are sales of alcohol, tobacco, confectionery, drinks, milk, fruit & vegetable products, meat and fish.

It shall be reminded that as of May 2017 the retailer had functioning wholesale centers on the basis of 84 out of 237 hypermarkets and on the basis of 15 out of 189 stores «Family Magnit». In the year 2016 the company’s wholesale volume grew two times, reaching 0.5% of the total revenue, while in the first trimester this year the revenue from wholesales grew three times as compared to a similar period last year.