Armavir presents an investment attractive land plot for production activities

We offer a land plot promising for investment which is ideal for organizing activities in the manufacturing industry. The Municipal Formation is a plot owner.

The land plot with an area of 35,381 sq. m is situated on Lineynaya Street, 35 in Armavir. It is 7.9 km from the central part of Armavir, 6 km from the "Kavkaz" Federal Highway. There are convenient access roads to the plot: the local road approaching to Armavir is nearly 1 km from the site, and the Armavir railway station is 3.2 km from here. Favorable location will make delivery of raw materials and equipment convenient and affordable, as well as organization of regular supplies of finished products.

Prior to the commencement of construction, the necessary utilities shall be connected to the plot: power supply (the nearest connection point is 485 m from here), gas supply (the nearest gas pipeline connection point is 438 m from here), water supply (the nearest source is 220 m from here), and sewerage (the nearest connection point is 219 m from here).

Currently, the plot is free from development and is accessible to investors. It refers to the property of the Municipal Formation, and all permits required for production activities are available. Land plots are sold by auction, and a rent price is calculated based on the average market value.

For additional information please contact:

Administration of the Municipal Formation Armavir City

Karl Liebnecht Street, 52, Armavir City, Krasnodar region, 352900

tel.: 8-86137-4-30-12; 2-74-70