Enterprise IV-V hazard class


General information about the ground area
Planned use of ground areaEnterprise IV-V hazard class
BranchManufacturing industry
Address of the areaArmavir, North industrial zone
Cadastre account of ground areaRegistered
Cadastre number of area/of quarter23:38:0102002:306
Declared area (m2)13960.00
Limit size of the area (m2) 
Land categoryLands of inhabited localities
Kind of allowed useAgricultural activity
Actual use-
Permits, town-planning documentation-Rules of land use and development, approved by the Decision of Armavir city Council 11.08.2017 No. 268 "About the statement of rules of land tenure and building of municipal formation town of Armavir" (in edition of the decision from 20 may 2016 No. 134), -The General plan of municipal formation town of Armavir, approved the decision of Armavir city Council 22.05.2014, № 608 "On approval of the General plan of municipal formation town of Armavir".
Information on a property
Short description of property-
Cost of property, million rub. 
Information about proprietor (right holder)
ProprietorMunicipal property
Right holderMunicipality
Kind of rightAnother