The Administration of the Municipal Formation Armavir City offers a land plot for the implementation of a profitable project in the construction sector

Investors are invited to rent a land plot for organization of rapidly erected housing construction.

The land plot with an area of 260,000 sq. m is located in the Northern Residential District of Armavir. The territory belongs to the category of land settlements, where residential development is allowed. Currently, the land plot is not used and is free of buildings and structures. The Municipal Formation is a plot owner.

The plot site is provided with engineering infrastructure. The power supply connection point is 150 m from here; gas connection point is 120 m from here; water and sewerage connection point is 75-80 m from here.

The center of Armavir is 1.1 km from the plot, and the local road approaching to Armavir is 140 m from the site.

Novokubansk and Krasnodar are 25 km and 250 km from the site, respectively.

For additional information please contact:

Administration of the Municipal Formation Armavir City

Karl Liebnecht Street, 52, Armavir City, Krasnodar region, 352900

тел. + 7 86137 3 81 57