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Инвестиционный портал муниципального образования город Армавир
23 Января 2017 / Investment
A corresponding "road map" will be created on behalf of Veniamin Kondratiev. The document will be based on the proposals of the working groups of the Consultative Council on foreign investments under the Governor.
The issues of promotion of investment potential of the Kuban were discussed by the representatives of the Advisory Council at the meeting chaired by Vice-Governor of the region Sergey Altukhov.
Participation the meeting was attended by the heads of the regional ministries and departments, companies established in the province with the participation of foreign capital, the southern regional Committee of Association of European businesses (AEB) in Russia, representatives of banks, the foreign Ministry in Krasnodar, chamber of Commerce and industry of the region.
– We see that between the regions has intensified the struggle for the investor. It is important to begin an aggressive campaign to promote investportal region to external markets. This is the task put before us by the Governor, – said Sergey Altukhov.
According to the Chairman of the southern regional Committee of AEB Oleg Zharko, who headed the working group on promotion of investment image of the region with the Council by the end of 2017 will be formed final report on the work of foreign investors in the region, which can then be replicated on the global information and exhibition venues.
To create a directory of information and competences of the suppliers and manufacturers in the region suggested the General Director of OOO "CLAAS" Ralph Bendish, supervising a working group on localization with the Council. However, he noted that it should include businesses that do have an impact on the development of the economy of the Kuban, the press service of the regional administration.
 In February, the Department of investment of the region completed the formation of proposals for the region's participation in Congress and exhibition events in Russia and abroad. I ask the relevant departments before March 1 to develop an action plan for the promotion of investportal of the region to external markets, to include the proposals of the working groups – instructed the Vice-Governor.
Also during the meeting the Advisory Board discussed the issue of staffing of the investment. Sergey Altukhov has noted that only through the implementation of investment projects, which are already actively developing in the region, until 2030 it is planned to create almost 39 thousand new jobs.
The Vice-Governor reminded that the region has become one of the pilot regions for approbation of the Standard of staffing of industrial growth. In this work, a register of demanded professions for the next three years, in the formation of which was attended by 60 industrial enterprises of Kuban. Also the manufacturers themselves actively cooperate with universities and colleges on the preparation necessary for production specialists. Sergey Altukhov called on the members of the Advisory Council to study the issue with the companies that participate in the formation of the registry of skills.
Recall, for the last 5 years in economy of Krasnodar territory attracted more than 7 billion U.S. dollars of foreign direct investment. According to this indicator Kuban were consistently highest among the regions of the southern Federal district, is among the top ten regions in the country, ahead of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kaluga oblast, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and other regions of Russia. The region has about 300 ventures with foreign capital from more than 50 countries.

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