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Investment web-portal of municipal formation Armavir city
Andrey Kharchenko
Head of municipal formation town of Armavir

Dear colleagues!

          Armavir is one of the major cities of Krasnodar region with a diversified economy. Today, our city can rightly be regarded as the centre of the railway industry. In the city produced a wide range of products: from automation systems and traffic engineering to freight cars and tank cars. The chemical industry manufacture of rubber and plastic products used in various industries. Significant role in the economy of Armavir is the production of vegetable oil and confectionery products. And in the production of freight cars and motors of low power our businesses are only in the South of Russia. Products Armavir companies known not only in Russia but also abroad.
          Modern Armavir is a big city with developed industry, a powerful hub, one of the most important administrative and cultural centers Krasnodar Krai and the only large city in the Eastern part. The positive dynamics of socio-economic development of the city of Armavir, the potential and the measures taken to overcome the financial crisis has created the necessary conditions for dynamic development.By the end of 2014 the manufacturing industry shows 104,7 % growth, while the construction industry is successfully implementing the regional and Federal social programs. Consumer sphere has traditionally been our competitive advantage in the region.

           To date, attracting investment to the territory is one of the most important conditions for its successful development. By the end of 2014 with an investment of $ 3.9 billion. Investment demand significant in sectors such as housing construction, engineering, manufacturing, infrastructure construction, including: social, traffic, and utilities.
            Turning to our potential partners, I want to emphasize that the city is open for investors. We are ready for long-term mutually beneficial partnership for the benefit of the city, region, country and every citizen. Welcome to the Armavir with new initiatives and investment projects.