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Investment web-portal of municipal formation Armavir city

Investments are an integral part of the modern economy, promoting efficient and dynamic development of the economic system. Over the past three years in the city in fixed capital directed investment of 13 bln. Rubles. In terms of economic activity investments directed to the manufacturing industries, the development of the consumer market and infrastructure of the complex, which includes the sphere of transport, roads. Significant for the city is the development of the social sphere.
The result of this work was the implementation of important projects for the city:
JSC "AZTM" - the modernization of production sites, the organization of production capacity for two-axle bogies, reconstruction of the passing cars and partial replacement of metal-working equipment.
AEMZ branch of "ELTEZA" - carried out modernization of the enterprise, the construction of electric plant and packaged packaging area, construction of procuring workshop for the preparation of the nodal units for hot-dip galvanizing.
LLC "Armavir Gas Equipment Plant" - works on the organization of the production site with the launch of equipment for the production hub of the instantaneous water heater, set up land corrugating tubes and machining area, organized production site boilers.
Ltd. "Armavir Meat Processing Plant" - the works on modernization of the production: sausage purchased and installed the line, vacuum unit.
LLC "Industrial Union of Kuban" - organized the production of paper recycling, the production of tissue paper.
JSC "Kubanzheldormash" - completed the construction of a conveyor assembly plant production area of ​​2400 m2.
JSC "Kubantransmash" - the expansion of production capacity through the acquisition of metal-working equipment, construction of plant for the production of universal measuring machines for compression and tear, hydraulic tools for the current content path.
JSC "Domostroitel" - commissioned Belgian production line of hollow-core slabs.
NPO "Rosatom" - carried out to increase the production volumes of metal products for the needs of the rail industry and the enterprises of the city of Armavir, by organizovatsii plant for production of turning and milling operations, as well as through the acquisition of additional equipment.
Ltd. "Dortrans" - completed the construction of the production base.
Ltd. "Apolinario" - the construction of a plant to produce laminated corrugated board packaging.
JSC "Kubarus-Milk" - modernized the existing production of dairy products.

It implemented a project to build a complex of road service MegAAvto 1000 m2, including coffee shop, tire, car wash, repair shop of foreign trucks.
In the field of housing and communal services: GUP KK SVVUK "Kurganinsky group plumbing" - carried out the modernization of water supply and sanitation: the replacement of damaged sections of the network, re-drilling wells Constantine fence, replacing damaged sections of the sewer network, the automation of KNU, the reconstruction of the KNU.
At the end of 2015 in the area of ​​utilities and construction of complete systems of power system "Gazpromteploenergo", built and put into operation three block boiler houses with total capacity of 2.77 Gcal / h, two boilers BMK-22. The amount of the total investment for the project amounted to 469 million. Rubles.
As part of the development of the telecommunications network in the city of Armavir OJSC "Rostelecom" an investment project for the construction of broadband access (BBA) on FTTB technology in the city of Armavir, covering 18,244 households.
Investments in the development of the consumer market, facilitate the provision of these services in the new format. Build family "Magnit" hypermarket total area of ​​12550 m2, 8431 m2 of retail space, shopping mall "Senna" with 1820 m2 of sales area, an investor LLC "Credo." Put into operation the SEC "Red Square", a total area of ​​more than 60 thousand. M2, a residential neighborhood in the North opened a hypermarket TC "TAPE-25." The total investment in this sector, disbursed over three years, amounted to 2 224.3 million rubles.
OOO «Armavir Realty" - built and put into operation Motor "Renault / Nissan."
In the consumer sector at the end of 2015 realized investment projects such as: Reconstruction of the street market of the Azov and the construction of the health center on the street Efremova. The total investment in this area at the end of 2015 amounted to more than 150.0 mln. Rubles
Investments and work towards the social sphere. In the framework of the signed agreements of intent in the implementation of investment projects in recent years built 6 kindergartens, a total of more than 1,000 seats. In 2015, the realized projects of social infrastructure - in general carried st.Staraya village commissioning of a kindergarten for 330 places, as well as the construction of the new housing area of ​​93.091 sq.m. Also under construction high-rise residential buildings. The investor "Armavir Hliboproduct".
The municipality implemented the construction of the football arena with built-in household premises for football children aged seven to twelve years, the investor - OOO "Investbud" as well as the construction of a business park PEI WEI "Skiba."
In September 2015 a solemn entering the children's village "Victoria", the investor Charity Fund "Victoria". On a total area of ​​3.15 hectares near the river Urup built 13 cottages, conference and rehearsal rooms, rooms for enriching lessons, study psychologist, medical center for 14 foster families where they will stay at the same time no less than 80 children.
When these projects for the city residents will create over 1,200 jobs.
The result of this work at the end of 2015 was the implementation of 9 important for the city investment projects in industry, including:
- Procuring construction site;
- Reconstruction of precision casting for the production of steel iron castings;
- Update tractor fleet;
- Organization of industrial sites automatic stamping, plastic injection molds and upgrade sections of the assembly;
- The organization of a new manufacturing site for the production of composite reinforcement;
- Construction of production base;
- Construction of a tank farm.
Investments in the development of this sector amounted to 1 billion rubles.

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