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Investment web-portal of municipal formation Armavir city

Project name
Industry classification
Basic information about the project
Project essence
Design capacity
Consumer market description
Period of construction
Competitive advantages
The availability of resources for the implementation of the project
Planned volume of resource consumption (annual)
Planned volume of gas consumption (annual), million cubic meters 0
Planned volume of water consumption (annual), million cubic meters 0
Planned volume of electricity consumption (annual), MWh 0
Financial estimation of the project
Total cost of the project, mln rubles 0
Own resources, million rubles 0
Investment capacity, mln rubles 0
The provincial (municipal) budget. rub 0
Previously raised funds, mln. rub 0
Forms of investment (Investor) participation terms
Form of return on investment
Basic indicators of investment project economic efficiency
Net present value (NPV) 0
Simple payback time 0
Discounted payback period 0
Internal rate of return (IRR) 0
Productivity index (PI)
Income per year 0
Social efficiency of investment project
Number of workplaces
Budgetary efficiency of investment project
The average annual amount of tax payments, m. rub. 0
including in the consolidated budget of the edge, mln rubles. 0
General information about the ground area
Address of the area
Declared area, ha 0
Land category
Cadastral land records
Inventory lot number
Type of permitted use
Actual use
The presence of buildings, structures
Licensing, town-planning documentation
Information about proprietor (right holder)
The Copyright Holder
Distance to the large settlements and objects of a transport infrastructure
Remoteness from Name Distance (km)
center of municipal formation The central part of Armavir
nearest settlement The town of Novokubansk
Center of federal subject The city of Krasnodar
highways (regional, federal value) Highway «Kavkaz»
highways of local value
nearest railway station Railway station "Armavir-1"
Railway station "Armavir-2"
The nearest railway
Airport The airport Krasnodar
Seaport Novorossiysk
Additional information about the ground area
Special conditions
Geographical coordinates of object
Latitude (N), Longitude (E)

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