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Investment web-portal of municipal formation Armavir city

The construction of the facility for maintenance of vehicles

General information about the ground area
Name The construction of the facility for maintenance of vehicles
Branch Construction
Address of the area Armavir, Lunacharsky street, 317/5
Cadastral registration not registered
Cadastre number 23:38 0106038
Area, ha 0.15
Land category Settlement land
Permitted use Maintenance of vehicles
Actual use
Permits, town-planning documentation Rules of land use and development, approved by the Decision of Armavir municipal Duma "About the statement of rules of land tenure and building of municipal formation town of Armavir," from 27.08.2015, No. 792 (Rev. from 20.05.2016. -The General plan of municipal formation town of Armavir, approved the decision of Armavir municipal Duma № 608 from 22.05.2014.
Information about proprietor (right holder)
Owner Municipal property
Right holder Municipality
Kind of right Municipal property to differentiation of the rights
Information about encumbrance and limitation
Kind of encumbrance, restriction no
Electricity supply
10 м
Д= 273 мм - 50 м
Д= 300 мм - 10 м
Sewage system
Д= 300 мм - 5 м
Distance to the large settlements and objects of a transport infrastructure
Remoteness from Name Distance (km)
center of municipal formation The central part of Armavir 4.4
nearest settlement The town of Novokubansk 25
Center of federal subject The city of Krasnodar 250
highways (regional, federal value) Highway «Kavkaz» 7.2
highways of local value "An entrance to Armavir" - 4,3
nearest railway station Railway station "Armavir-1" 5.9
Railway station "Armavir-2" 7.5
The nearest railway 1.6
Airport The airport Krasnodar 200
Seaport Novorossiysk 360
Additional information about the ground area
Special conditions
Geographical coordinates of object
Latitude (N), Longitude (E) 41.15252299 44.97411
Notes Plots are available from the auction, the rent is calculated at market value.

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