Implemented investment projects

The Administration of the Municipal Formation Armavir City pays great attention to the issues of business development, the establishment of clear working activity regulation, transparent conditions for investment activity and ensuring a comfortable interaction between business and government authority.

Measures taken in the Municipal Formation to create conditions for business operations and attract investments confirm their effectiveness through the implementation of specific projects.

11.762 billion rubles have been invested to the fixed capital in the territory of the city over the past three years. 70% of all funds were invested in the industrial sector of economy. The industrial profile of the city is determined by large industrial enterprises, such as a historically established machine-building complex, metalworking production, food industry and construction. Armavir is one of the regional and Russian centers of railway engineering, the manufacturing of electric motors, metal-cutting machines, the production of special equipment for the oil and gas industry, electrical cable and rubber products, as well as the production of sunflowerseed oil and confectionery.

Over the past decade, thanks to the further development of industry and using the most advanced technologies, new industrial enterprises have been created in the territory of the MF Armavir City, which today show their relevance and effectiveness, such as carriage building, pulp and paper industry, production of gas heat exchangers, transformers, LED equipment and other types of activities.

The enterprises manufacturing these products are the leading manufactures in the South of Russia in these areas of activity today.

Projects of the industrial complex using new technologies and ensuring the introduction of new products on the market have been implemented in the city during the period 2014-2017.

Avtomatika ZhD PG LLC developed manufacturing fiberglass composite fitments, modern material for use in the construction of buildings, reinforcement of foundations and other concrete structures. The use of composite fitments gives significant savings in funds as compared to using traditional steel fittings.

Apolinariya LLC invested 482 million rubles to the construction of the following production: the precision casting workshop – the foundry production for manufacturing steel casting iron, parts for machine building, ranging from 3 kilograms to 4.5 tons, as well as for manufacturing corrugated board and corrugated containers and the plant for manufacturing cardboard packaging, but this does not stop the company on its path of development. 45 new jobs were created, and the annual output of paper and paperboard reached 49.3 million square meters.

Armavir Machine Building Plant, a branch of Novozybkovskiy Machine Building Plant JSC designed a new model of a rail freight car – an isometric thermos car – in the territory of the city of Armavir. An isothermal thermos car is designed for transportation of thermally prepared perishable goods. It does not have a refrigeration unit, and maintenance of the temperature of the car during transit is ensured by the thermal insulation of the cargo space and the storage of thermal energy after loading the cargo.

Manufacturing domestic cycling equipment: 4-seat car/bike hybrids, bicycle rickshaws, electric cars, bike refrigerators, as well as electric car/bike hybrids and bicycle rickshaws powered by solar energy on solar panels is established in the city. The manufacturer Armavir Bicycle Rickshaw Mobile Plant LLC delivers the products to more than 50 cities of the Russian Federation and to foreign countries. This technique is operated by the following enterprises and Ministries: Sheremetyevskiy Health Complex Federal State Unitary Enterprise; the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation; the Main Industrial and Commercial Department for Servicing the Diplomatic Corps Under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Federal State Unitary Enterprise; the Kolomenskiy Kremlin FB of the Support of Culture and Historical Heritage NCO; St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums, an enterprise for the production of bacterial preparations of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency and others.

A full-scale assembly of a double-circuit boiler with a smoke removal is established in the territory of the Armavir Gas Equipment Plant LLC.

Manufacturing kitchen furniture, tabletops, wall panels, facades, corner segments, etc. was created at the enterprise of Europostforming LLC. Private investments have allowed modernizing the equipment and manufacturing more high-quality and commercially successful products.

The agro-industrial complex is a key sector of economy for the city. The total area of the greenhouse complex of the city of Armavir in all categories of farms is 94.1 thousand square meters including 10.1 thousand square meters of greenhouses that were built in 2017.

Currently, this direction will be developed through the implementation of projects for the construction of greenhouse complexes in the territories of the city and the Pervomayskiy Farm with a total area of about 10 hectares.

Modern trends in electricity-producing industry dictate the withdrawal from centralized sources of heat supply. A modular construction of boiler houses are a modern approach to the organization of an independent source of heat supply, which makes it possible not to depend on seasonal heating shutdown, to reduce the cost of consumed heat energy, to eliminate the risk of heat supply failure due to accidents in networks, and to improve the quality of parameters of heat and hot water. The construction of facilities and heat-and-power systems of Gazpromteploenergo OJSC was completed, as well as two BMK-22 boiler-houses and three block boiler houses with a total capacity of 2.77 Gcal/h were constructed and commissioned. The volume of total investments for the project amounted to 469 million rubles.

The FTTB technology is an advantageous in the communication services market; it is most convenient for Russian cities of medium and large size, it means a relatively deep penetration of the optics to a subscriber, i.e. the operation of an optical node for 100-250 subscribers in average. Rostelecom OJSC implemented an investment project on constructing a broadband access network using the FTTB technology in the city of Armavir with coverage of 18,244 households within the development of the telecommunications network.

Investments are also directed to providing services to the consumer’s market in the context of economic activity.

Funds invested in the development of the consumer’s market facilitated providing these services in a new format. The "Magnit" Family Hypermarket was constructed, the "Red Square" Shopping and Entertainment Center was commissioned, and the "LENTA-25" Trading Complex was opened in the Northern Residential District. The total amount of investments in the sector of the economy assimilated in recent years amounted to 2,224.3 million rubles.

Supermarkets of the "Pyatyorochka" Federal Trading Network have begun to be opened in Armavir since 2015. Currently, 8 supermarkets of this trade network have been already operating in the territory of the city; they attract their buyers with convenient location, favorable prices and wide and diverse assortment of goods. Nowadays, the network continues its development.

The "Bayazet" Store network made a significant contribution to the development of network trade in the city of Armavir. The trading area of ​​the "Bayazet" Store network in the territory of Armavir is 2,072 sq.m. At present day, this trading network offers a wide range of food and non-food products, with consideration of the needs of buyers of various social groups.

Funds were invested in the social sphere as well. 7 kindergartens, one of which is private, for more than 1,100 places in total have been constructed in recent years under the signed agreements on the intentions in the sphere of implementing investment projects.

The "Mechta" private kindergarten constructed in 2016 was a significant investment project for the city. The pre-school institution for 100 places was constructed on Frunze Street, 50 according to the most modern technologies "from scratch"; improvement and landscaping of the yard and adjacent territory were made, and access roads were asphalted. The work on the construction of the facility was conducted in strict accordance with all industry standards of a pre-school institution and all requirements of sanitary, environmental and fire safety, and all the best high-quality building materials were used for this purpose.

The grand opening of the "Victoria" Children’s Village took place in September 2015 (Victoria Charitable Foundation was the project). 13 cottages, assembly and rehearsal halls, rooms for developing classes, a psychologist’s office, a medical center for 14 foster families where at least 80 children will live simultaneously were constructed on the territory of a total area of 3.15 hectares near ​​the Urup River.

The construction of a new housing stock with an area of more than 90 thousand square meters including through participation in the implementation of the state program for the construction of economy-class housing will be carried out in the territory of the Municipal Formation annually.

The key role of investments is that they create an economic basis for solving social and economic problems, so there is a need to establish a permanent direct dialogue in terms of daily coordination of activities, everyday work between state and municipal government structures and the business community. Each agreement concerning a real project and a real investor is important for the city, important for business, for economic development and for improving the standard of living.